Silk Road Scholarship Program 2024 For International Students

Silk Road Scholarship Program 2024 For International Students

Are you an aspiring engineering luminary hailing from a Belt and Road nation? Seize the golden opportunity to apply for the Global Engineering Scholars Program—a holistic scholarship meticulously crafted to elevate your academic and professional zenith in the realm of engineering.

Scholarship Entitlements

This esteemed scholarship underwrites your educational fees, furnishes complimentary on-campus lodging, encompasses health insurance, and allocates a substantial monthly allowance (CNY 3000 for Master’s scholars, CNY 3500 for Doctoral aspirants).

Concentrate on your academic pursuits and future vocation unencumbered by pecuniary concerns.

Eligibility Parameters

This distinguished scholarship is accessible to Master’s and Doctoral contenders embarking on degrees in critical engineering domains such as Computer Science, Mining Industrial, Metallurgical, Civil, and Traffic and Transportation Engineering.

Programs are proffered in both Mandarin and English, catering to a heterogeneous cohort of international scholars. Ascertain if your nation is enlisted in the Belt and Road initiative.

Age and Academic Stipulations: Applicants must be non-Chinese graduates, below 35 years for Master’s and under 40 years for Doctoral endeavors, exhibiting stellar academic credentials and robust health.

Linguistic Proficiency: Necessitated HSK level 4 score of 260 for Mandarin-instructed programs; a minimum of 6 in IELTS or 85 in TOEFL for English-instructed programs. Exemptions are applicable for native speakers or those with antecedent degrees in these languages.

Financial Self-sufficiency: Applicants should not have procured substantial funding from alternate sources.

Application Protocol

CSU System: Initiate your application odyssey by registering at the Central South University (CSU) international student system (CSU Application Portal). Opt for the Chinese Government Scholarship, complete your application, and submit.

CSC System: Subsequently apply through the CSC Online Application System (CSC Portal), utilizing the agency number 10533 for Central South University. Document submission is exclusively administered through CSU.

Deadline: Submit your applications by April 30, 2024.

Document Inventory

Ensure the readiness of the following requisite documents:

  • Officially notarized degree certificates and academic transcripts.
  • Proof of linguistic proficiency.
  • A comprehensive study plan or research proposal.
  • A concise personal statement video.
  • A curriculum vitae (CV).
  • Two academic recommendation letters.
  • An acceptance letter and a valid non-criminal record report.
  • A completed physical examination form.

For your application, ensure all documents are unequivocal and precise. Errors or ambiguous files can jeopardize your prospects.

Also, consistently monitor the application portals for any updates and promptly respond to requests for additional information. This diligence will facilitate a seamless application process.

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